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how can we evolve and love more authentically as men? how can we learn to support ourselves and each other through mindful and heart based practice that leaves our bodies and minds feeling more engaged, connected and alive? we invite you to explore this dialogue together on our first retreat designed specifically for men. suitable for all levels. for more info: markusyoga108@gmail.com#mensyoga #retreat #yogadudes

my asana practice was the first place i saw and felt so deeply the act of honouring where i am at and discovering how i can move toward achieving great things. by setting goals, working with intention, and practicing with patience. it is essential to cultivate honest awareness as you look at where you are right now, see where you want to go, and commit to a manageable plan of how to get there. what i love about yoga is that it is a systematic approach to deepening your self awareness, your strength, your patience and your presence. always breathe, give yourself permission to slow down and turn fear into courage. #practicepatience #practicedaily #yogalife #yoga #goalsetting #aByoga #yogadudes #yogaeeverydamnday #loveeverydamnday
#balance #courage